Speaker's Corner
Jarek Piotrowski

Speaker's Corner

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Watercolour, dry pastel and oil pastel on paper 2013 76 × 93cm

Jarek Piotrowski is a Polish born artist whose paintings, drawings and cut-outs ask fundamental questions about the nature of being and probe formative conceptions of identity, desire and control. Piotrowski uses diverse mediums and mines fantasy, literature, philosophy and contemporary culture. These materials and sources are used to construct wonderfully strange scenarios that reflect the inherent divided state of existence of human beings.

His general approach is one of curiosity and astonishment inclined to direct the work towards "the state of things". Speakers Corner is an artwork from the Batanyku series. Batankyu is a colloquial onomatopoeic or mimetic Japanese term used to describe going out like a light or falling asleep immediately. The works approach is precise, the thought is somewhat vague, hovering thoughts close to a subject matter which in turn become a theme. It is of Piotrowski’s personal interest to make something visible which exists under the layer of everyday nonsensical and banal subject matter, something that seems displaced or circulating without any optimized purpose.



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