Project Beard
Gavin Turk

Project Beard

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For Project Beard Gavin groomed and cropped his luxuriant beard into the persona’s of 6 historical patricians of 19th and 20th century art. This chimeric shapeshifting has been a consistent thread through his work since reinventing the popularist ‘wax-work’ in 1991 with his iconic sculpture ‘pop’. This new series is lighthearted take on the charitable fundraiser, with a poetically thoughtful perspective on gender, social and art-historical politics.

Rodin (2015) 
Ilford neutral print

Morris (2015)
Matt Sepia

Cézanne (2015)
Art 300 print

Matisse (2015)
Ilford cold tone print

Man Ray (2015)
Ilford neutral print

Dali (2015)
Art 300 print

All signed and numbered by artist


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