(Sketch for) Industrial Dream Mandala
Josh knowles

(Sketch for) Industrial Dream Mandala

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Lithograph with hand-painted ink 

In his art practice Knowles combines film, installation, performance and illustration. Referencing the ephemera of populist and traditional cultures, environments and mythologies he explores themes of Industrialisation, social structures and Post Modern life experience.


Josh Knowles is a multi-talented production designer and curator for film, live art and theatre as well as exhibiting as an artist. He is curator of the artist-led gallery initiative Silver Cloud Gallery.


His image for The Cartography (Sketch for) Industrial Dream Mandala is a mind map that takes in the ordinary, bizarre and often baffling elements which form Planet Earth. From mass communication to cutlery, from family to plug sockets, the vivid, teeming world we live in, with all its logic, beauty and chaos, is detailed here.


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