Matt Brown


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C-Type print on aluminium with acrylic reverse 2016 100 x 100cm

Edition of 7

Matt Brown’s work mediates between the ever increasingly blurred boundaries of virtual and real, artificial and actual, analogue and digital.

His ‘I.R.L’ series of works have been digitally created using 3D software. The hypersensitivity to detail involved in completing this process creates a cognitive slowing of perception, an odd stillness, a petrifaction of what is depicted. The image becomes a synthetic map of itself, a simulation in the purest sense of the word.

Browns handling of his subject matter raise questions about landscape tradition, the picturesque and what constitutes perfection in todays advanced capitalist society. This type of theme park aesthetic is at once enticing in its cleanness but repellent in its falseness, pointing up a crisis in representation, which can only become more pertinent as the march of technology spirals further beyond our control.



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