The House of Fairy Tales


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Lithograph 2008 36.5 × 44cm

Dexter Dalwood is a British painter who works with putting a cut-and-paste collaging technique to canvas. Drawing reference to the connections between art history, politics, music, literature and personal experience, often his paintings cleverly take the style of painting that was developed during the period of the time that the event or situation was depicted in the piece occurred or was in its prime. Dalwood also demonstrates the enduring contemporary relevance of painting as a way of communicating how we experience the world in which we live. Often, in his paintings the subjects are always physically absent and only portrayed through depictions of the environments that they might have occupied. Their invisibility heightens the mystery and artifice of the scene but also removes the most recognisable aspect of figuration from works that ultimately communicate something that goes beyond depiction or language.

In his lithograph Cinderella, he creates a nightmare collage with politics, escapism, fairy tales and bizarre imagining, all hinted at by a surreal interior. “The psychogeographical landscape and interior alludes to a dark or dramatic thriller narrative in which the protagonists have just ‘left the building’ or are possibly asleep and dreaming,” he writes in the catalogue for Dreams.

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