Blossom Collage Series
Bee Beardsworth

Blossom Collage Series

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Set of three C-Type Photographs 2017-2018 

Bee Beardsworth is an emerging artist who has a preoccupation in capturing snippets of our daily lives that often go unnoticed. The moments in between like sunlight through trees or roses growing over a red brick wall seem to dissipate from the mental plane as quickly as they appear. 

The photographs featured in Exquisite Garden were taken in varied garths; one being on a Hackney council estate and another by an old stately home in Devon. In awe of the natural world Bee’s works highlight the beauty, and the sense of ephemerality that is embedded within it. This beauty is juxtaposed by the disjointed and ever shifting relationship humanity has to nature with the constant struggle between steady contemplation and hasty possession.

Roses Collage 41.5 x 29.5cm
Sky Blossom Collage 41.5 x 29.5cm 
Collage Trunk Blossom 59.3 x 41.6cm

Also sold as individual works 

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