This collection of artworks is from Cloud Cuckoo Land’s third show entitled Exquisite Garden. Our new not-for-profit exhibition space located at Here East is run by Gavin Turk in association with The House of Fairy Tales. We invited 27 artists from all backgrounds and approaches, both international and emerging, to respond to the theme of the garden. 

Throughout history the Garden has been a symbol of Homo Sapiens relationship to nature. Representing both dominion over our flora and fauna as well as a secret portal to our wildest imaginations the Garden has a particular place in the cultural identity of the British Isles and beyond. Albion folklore was buried deeper into our national subconscious as religion and politics superceded the superstitions of the ancients. These pockets of nature - represented by the walled idyll - still hold a power over our national and cultural aesthetic. 

The garden is not just a provincial symbol - from the Garden of Eden through to Kubla Khan our global imagination has been sparked by this cultivated space. 

A percentage of sales will go to the work of The House of Fairy Tales.