The Night the Wanderer was Misled
Nigel Peake

The Night the Wanderer was Misled

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Nigel Peake studied architecture before focusing on his work as an artist and illustrator. His recent artwork tackles subjects as diverse as cycling, farms, university campuses and great cities such as London. Peake’s drawings are simultaneously delicate and bold, often working in combination as parts of a series or pages in a book.

Peake has worked with the likes of Ninja Tune, The Believer, Blueprint, and Dwell magazine and now lives and works in the Irish countryside (in self-described “middle of nowhere”). His book In The Wilds collects together his obsessively detailed drawings and watercolours of this rural life.

The Night the Wanderer was Misled for the Cartography Portfolio is a story mapped on to a picture: the artist traces key points in the Wanderer’s journey as he strays off the safety of the path into a dark web of drawn lines.

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