Linda Felcey


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Copper dry point with chine colle 2017 49 × 44cm

Linda Felcey’s work comes from an intimate relationship with the natural world. From a distinct and respectful way of life in deep conversation with her surroundings, from close observation and quiet contemplation, each piece is intricate, layered and luminous. This captures the elusive qualities of place, of shifting light and atmosphere, reflecting our relationship with the transient seasons and the climatic forces at work within the landscape allowing the paintings to evoke sensations beyond the figurative and ensuring that the works obtain a constant energy, ever changing with the viewer. Her work reminds us to pay attention to what exists in the margins - the hedgerows and little used paths of our landscape and awareness. 

Linda often begins her work on site and then refines it in her studio, a Shepherds Hut specifically designed as a studio which is located below the South Downs escarpment of Mount Caburn in Glynde, East Sussex. This combination of observation and contemplation allow the works to retain a freshness, alongside a controlled and often experimental process.

The slightly eerie and lonely depiction of a windswept tree in the drypoint, 50deg50’60”N-0deg5’41”E emphasizes the true beauty of nature and its ability to adapt.

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