Livvy Fink


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Cast glass 2013 11cm diameter x 8cm depth

Livvy Fink is a sculptor living and working in East London. Inspired by the ability of the physical world to spark creative imagination Livvy’s work spans a number of scales. Having recently worked with astrophysicists from the University of Cambridge Institute of Astronomy and oncologists from Cancer Research on a collaborative project funded by an award from the Welcome Trust Foundation, Fink collaborates with astronomers and biologists, philosophers and poets.

The sense of shared questioning which is triggered by exploring the similarities between the process of scientific experimentation and the creative and technological aspects of glassmaking is what inspires Livvy the most. Hot poured to catch the reaction of gas given off from the mould, the cast glass generates these cellular, cosmic-like structures that allow us to study a seemingly imaginary space. Within the glass’ transparency we can find what appears to be a new atmosphere or microcosm, an unfamiliar landscape made up of complex but familiar forms, moments that animated through temperature and time.

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