Cartography Portfolio
The House of Fairy Tales

Cartography Portfolio

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The imaginations of artists have been enlisted to realise the aesthetic, the psycho-geography and the terrain as well as the characters and stories of The House of Fairy Tales. Much like the domains encompassed in the great works of fantasy literature or contemporary digital gaming.

A1 embossed portfolio of 12 fine art prints, featuring commissioned artworks inspired by the imagined terrain of the House of Fairy Tales

2 x Sillkscreen and 10 x Lithography
Edition of 60 prints
Individually signed and numbered by the artists
Price £3500 + vat

Artwork by Sir Peter Blake, Claire Brewster, Adam Dant, Christa Dichgans, Josh Knowles, Nigel Peake, Andrew Rae, Cat Roissetter, Rob Ryan, Susan Stockwell, Stephen Walter and Heidi Whitman

A minimum 60% of proceeds from sales will go to The House of Fairy Tales' work with children in the UK.

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