The Edge of Civilisation [Progress]
Joe Duggan

The Edge of Civilisation [Progress]

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C-Type print 2017 56 × 46cm

Joe Duggan is an Irish born artist living and working in London. Since graduating from a Masters degree in Fine Art Photography at the Royal College of Art, Duggan has made and internationally exhibited works in photography, video, and sculpture whilst also writing and making films.  

The Edge of Civilisation[Progress] is a photograph that speaks of the passing of time. Isolated on an exposed cliff face the concrete steps could be imagined as a place that once held significance; a ritual site that has been forgotten. As such it could be read as an allegory on the failure or passing of modernity, and raise questions about the idea of progress. The title is also in reference to Joseph Beuys who on a visit to the west of Ireland, near where this photo was taken, wryly said “Why have you dragged me off to the ends of the earth? Fame in the art world only extends so far!”.

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