Taraxacum - Jam Jar Series
Pete Codling

Taraxacum - Jam Jar Series

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Textured / Canvas Acrylic Sketch on Paper with Compressed Charcoal  2018 23 × 28cm

Pete Codling, was born in Zambia and now works from Portsmouth on the South Coast of England.

He has established a career as a sculptor and designer of public artworks. Using ceramic, steel, concrete, bronze, resin, wood and stone carving, Codling has created community projects commissioned to give local populations a sense of place, engagement, empowerment, and ownership.

The Jam Jar Series is inspired by those childhood memories and the creative innocence of picking flowers and collecting worms and soil, ants and bees, butterflies and beetles, tadpoles and frogs etc. They represent a child’s naivety or an adult’s destructive vehemence and the making or destroying of imaginary worlds.

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