Map of the Inner World
Andrew Rae

Map of the Inner World

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Andrew Rae is an illustrator and artist. He is a member of the innovative and legendary illustration collective Peep Show. Rae has the rare ability to transport The House of Fairy Tales goblins, sea creatures and triple-eyed beasts from the alternative universe in which they normally reside to this one.

As well as bringing to live the alternative reality of The House of Fairy Tales Rae’s rich visual imagination has been published in a variety of international publications and projects for clients as diverse as The Washington Post and MTV Asia. As an artist he has exhibited in Stockholm, New York and London. His works have been included in over a dozen publications including The Mighty Book of Boosh as well as a couple of films.

For the Cartography Portfolio, Rae has created an intricate brain-shaped imaginarium, complete with mad scientists, eyeballs, tigers, slime, manatees and rocks. The world of the imagination has been locked into the inside outside intricacies of our brains.

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