The Clockwise Conundrum

In the endless rooms inside the tardis-like cabin of our balloon-ship, the people of The House of Fairy Tales are travelling. Our mission is to arrange the queer and wonderful happenings that weave an extra stitch or two into the stupendous tapestry of the universe. Guided by the shadowy figure of The Captain we will arrive to bring together curious characters and strange artefacts in immersive adventures of magic, mystery and fun.

This Spring we spin a worm-hole between 'Time Will Tell' at Croft Castle and the Artchaeologists of the 15th dimension - something unmissable will happen. Email us to join in: info - here's the call:


Join the Artchaeologists in a day of absurd adventure and wonderful workshops for the young and young-at-heart that will change the way you see art forever!

It has been almost two years since the Artchaeologists of the 15th dimension last visited our Earth. Their expedition to the Whitechapel gallery in London was most intriguing. It was there that they discovered the whereabouts of the long lost founder of their society - Pourg Nodnol. Now they are returning for a brand new adventure: The Bland Un-Royal Artchaeological Society (est. -19808.8 BC) has issued the following statement:

Seeking young persons of supple mind and robust temperament for this unique opportunity to acquire full Artchaeological Certification.
Behind every artwork in the world lies a powerful swirl-turning tunnel. These tunnels are packed full of stories, history and human feeling. They create such a powerful force that by comparison love feels like a tiny flutter and gravity a mere tickle. Using our thick, sensitive beards we can detect the tingles, tales and secrets of the artworks. The art can talk if you know how to listen...
We have made long preparations and travelled across dimensions to delve into the exquizical mysteries of this wonderful exhibition. Croft Castle is brimming with intensity, bubbling over with fun: the vibrations hang in the air, like music waiting to be played! What are we waiting for? Let's play! If you would like to join us and become an Apprentice Artchaeologist please arrive either promptly or un-promptly to avoid disappointment.

The Artchaeologists' imminent visit will offer a unique chance for an instinctive, playful and somewhat silly interaction with the works from the Time Will Tell exhibition. A beautiful map-certificate will guide you through artist-led workshops, strange tasks and challenges, and weird-wonderful encounters with the befuddling people of another dimension (and their beards).

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2013, 11am-5pm at Croft Castle (National Trust), Yarpole Nr Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 9PW (Normal admission fees apply)

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